Fresh Houwse Grocery 

A farmer owned & community operated grocery store 


Greetings Friends, Family, Buds, & Doers,

Jeremy Peaches & Ivy Walls founders of Black Farmer Box, have the amazing opportunity to open a much-needed and deserved Grocery store and zone for healthy eating in Food Dessert Community Sunnyside Houston, Texas.

A food desert is an area that has limited access to affordable and nutritious food. After a recent University of Houston study was released, finding that lettuce purchased in low-income neighborhoods had higher levels of E.coli and other gastrointestinal bacteria than lettuce purchased in higher-income neighborhoods. Jeremy & Ivy knew they could no longer sit on the sidelines and wait for things to change. After meeting for hours to discuss how we could continue to make a change, the fire to open Fresh Houwse Grocery was ignited.


Fresh Houwse Grocery is the opportunity for Jeremy & Ivy to create a stable grocery location to provide access to freshness from the farm into the heart of the neighborhood. We have been saving our profits from every Black Farmer Box to open up a grocery store and could use the help to go the last mile. Donations will assist in the build-out, purchasing shelving, high-quality fridges & freezers, marketing, stocking, rent/utilities, COVID 19 safety, updating websites, and lastly, helping us set an excellent foundation to remain a solid staple in the neighborhood.


Sunnyside is a historically Black neighborhood in south Houston, set up for Black people in 1912 by a white councilman as the other segregated neighborhoods in the city center grew crowded ( Freedman's Town/ Midtown). In the 1960s, Sunnyside had so many Black-owned businesses that residents called a stretch of Cullen Boulevard “Black Wall Street.” By the end of the 1980s, most of the companies had shuttered, leaving the neighborhood to become a desert economically.


Both Ivy & Jeremy are Prairie View A&M University Alumni and have deep ties to the Sunnyside neighborhood. When supporting this effort, you support the change to much-needed work inside Black communities across the city. We hope to be the blueprint for change across the nation.


Please see the following Donation Tiers:


$25 - Yard Sign + Sticker

$50 - Fresh Houwse Shirt + Yard Sign + Sticker

$100 - Everything Above + Donor Name on Website

$500 - Everything Above + 4 Black Farmer Boxes

$1000+ Everything Above + In Store Shelf Dedication


Please share any corporate matching programs or grants available by your organization. If you are interested in donating more than $2500 or would like to mail a check please email [email redacted]


Soft Opening planned for November 2021



For information please visit


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